Friday, June 28, 2013

4th of July Cookies

Happy Friday!!

I couldn't wait for this day to arrive. School is finally over, no more school lunches to make and run around in the morning getting the kids ready.  Of course, this doesn't mean that I can sleep an extra hour, sleep is not one of those luxuries that I have.

Any way, 4th of July is next Thursday and I couldn't pass the opportunity to make some red, white and blue cookies. Today I am using 2 news cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Company

 the bottle rocket fireworks


and this new 5" plaque shape cutter,

To decorate this cookies you will need the following:

.bottle rocket fireworks cookie cutter
.5" plaque cookie cutter
.piping and flood consistency royal icing in americolor white, red and blue
.Americolor food writers
.tips #1 and #2
.pastry bags and couplers
.sanding sugar in blue and red
.kopykake projector ( this is totally optional, I am having way too much fun using mine)

For EXCELLENT tutorials using the kopykake projector visit my cookie heroes:

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle-Using a kopykake Projector

Sweetopia-Decorating cookies with a kopykake projector

-Outline the cookies with blue royal icing and tip #2.
-Flood the cookies section by section giving each one some time to set between additions.First the blue, then the red and let the cookies dry completely.
-Outline the cookies again with blue icing consistency and pour sugar directly onto the wet border.
-Let the sugar set on the icing for a few minutes and then dump off the excess sugar. You can also use a clean dry paintbrush to move any sugar that might have been left behind.

The plaque

-Outline and flood the cookie, let it dry completely before the next step.

-Prepare the image you want to use and print it trying to get the image as close to the actual size as the plaque cutter as possible.

-Project the image in the cookie.

Outline with blue piping icing or whatever colors you want. Outline and flood the 4th ( I am not really good at piping, sometimes I just use food markers first and then pipe over the icing )

-Let the icing dry completely, now flood the red part of the image, since the red part of the letters is very small I used flood icing consistency and a pastry bag with tip #2 instead of a squeeze bottle. Let it dry    
-Pipe the border with red and pour the red sanding sugar directly onto the wet border, let it set for a few minutes and dump off the excess sugar.

Using a kopykake projector make cookie decorating funner and the possibilities are endless.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Patricia Reitz said...

Beautiful, and great tutorial. I really love the sugar accents.

Jennifer @ Not Your Momma's Cookie said...

AWESOME! I love your plaque cookie! SO cute :)

Chineka @ Savor The Baking said...

The cookies look great. I really love the plaque.

Sue said...

I have been out of the blogging loop lately, but I see you have been very busy creating some beautiful treats...the purse, pirates, the adorable tea party; I love them all! I really love this plaque cookie too! I need to learn how to use my is too blurry:( You are so very talented, Kathia!

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