Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Hero Cupcakes and Cookie Favors-How to make Super Hero Cupcake toppers

 I am always thrilled when I have to make cookies , cupcakes or cakes for boy's birthday parties. Having two girls, I find myself making pretty much girly stuff all the time.

I made these Super Hero Cookie favors and cupcakes for a Super Hero theme party. It was my first time making Super Hero Cookies and cupcake toppers, I know there is always room for improvement but I really like how they turned out.

I used my trusty kopykake to ice the cookies and also to decorate the Super Hero cupcake toppers.

The cupcake toppers turned out just like the cookies.

If you want to make your own Super Hero Cupcake toppers, here is how I made mine

You will need:

white and egg yellow fondant (or gumpaste)
tylose powder
small rolling pin and fondant mat
powder sugar
templates of the Super Hero logos ( I got mine online and re size them to the size I needed them)
pairing knife
royal icing with the colors of the Super Hero logos

-I didn't have gumpaste, and for cupcake toppers like these I always recommend using gumpaste instead of fondant, so I mixed 1 teaspoon of Tylose Powder with my fondant. I mixed them together using a little bit of shortening.
-I colored the white fondant with Wilton egg yellow color and let the fondant rest for a little

-Now, roll your fondant to about 1/4 inch thick and place it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, the fondant will harden a little which will make it easier for you to cut the shapes of the Super Hero logos.

-After you have cut all the shapes, put them in a baking sheet on parchment paper and let them get dry overnight. 

-Then using your kopykake, outline and fill the logos of each Super Hero logo. If you do not have a kopykake, just work around the fondant base ( round or oval) and use the template and food markers as guide.

When they are all done, carefully, put them back in the baking sheet and let them get dry for at least 24 hours.

This is how they look on the cupcakes. You want the cupcake toppers to be completely dry before putting them on the cupcakes, if they are not dry, I ensure you they will lose their shape.

Here is a picture of the cookies already wrapped and ready to go to make someone really happy.

So, what do you think? easy to make? share some pictures with me if you make your own.
Have a great weekend!!


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