Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bow Tie, Mustache and Tie Cookies for Father's Day

How do you celebrate the Dad in your life?
At home we celebrate big, my oldest girl loves to have breakfast ready by the time Dad wakes up, now she writes and makes her own Father's Day card and the toddler is following her foot steps.

I give my husband the gift of sleep in, a luxury that he doesn't have very often due to the big help I need in the mornings. I add a big steak and coconut flan to our dinner menu and he is a happy men!

Anyway, I made some yummy Father's Day cookies with The Cookie Cutter Company , they are cute and they have pink!  The Cookie Cutter Company  is putting together a Father’s Day cookie cutter set  perfect for the occasion.

Let's get the supplies and decorate some cookies:

Pastry bags, couplers and tip #1 and #2
Black, rose pink and mint Americolor gels
Squeeze bottles
Square tip brush
Tie cookie cutter
Bow tie cookie cutter
Mustache cookie cutter

Tie cookies

I love seeing pastel colors on man ties and shirts, but I know some Dads are not up for the light colors. Browns, dark greens and purple colors are other nice options to use when decorating the cookies.

-Using tip #2 outline with piping consistency royal icing the design of the tie. You can always use a food color marker to sketch the design on the cookie before you begin decorating it.  
-Flood the black section of the cookie and while the icing is still wet, using a squeeze bottle with flooding consistency icing pipe the pink diagonal lines.
-Let the black icing set before flooding the cookie with the mint color icing to avoid any bleeding.
-Let the cookie dry overnight and add the black outline details with a tip #2.

This cookie is very simple, just outline and flood the cookie with the black icing. Using the flood consistency icing in pink and mint green, pipe diagonal lines.
Let the cookie dry completely before piping the black lines on the outline and inside of the cookie.

Mustache cookies

Mustache cookies are so popular nowadays, add a cookie stick and you will have the perfect prop for a picture booth. After all is all about the ‘stache!! 

-Outline and flood the cookie
-Let the icing dry completely overnight
-Use tip #1 to pipe long squiggly lines

Bow tie cookies


-Outline the cookies using tip #2
-Flood the cookies
-While the icing is still wet, pipe the black dots. I used the same stiff consistency icing that I used to outline the cookie. 
-Let the cookie dry overnight.
-Now let’s use the brush embroidery technique. This technique is commonly use with flowers and leaves, but I thought it would add a little something to the outline of this bow tie cookie. 

a-With a tip #2 and stiff black icing outline the cookie
b- Using short and quick strokes, brush the icing inward.
c- Repeat the same step along the line (make sure to clean the brush with a wet paper towel between strokes to have a clean edge

For this bow tie, just outline and flood the cookie and while the black icing is still wet pipe the mint green diagonal line.
Let the cookie dry completely before outlining the details

Happy Cookie decorating! what are your Father's Day traditions?


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