Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Theme cookies

Well Thanksgiving week is here and I am looking forward to get some time off from work and spend some quality time with my family. My husband is going to be working on Thanksgiving day, the girls and I are planning on watching holiday movies, make some Christmas crafting and
 squeezing baking in between.
This holiday day is a little bittersweet, I love the celebration and meaning behind of it, it just gets a little lonely not having a big family around to have a dinner feast and celebrate together.

Any way, I finally baked and decorated some Thanksgiving cookies to give out to some of my friends and my kid's school teachers. I used an old color palette that never gets old.

I love how the turkey's feathers  turned out using a small petal tip, the effect on the green Fall leaves wasn't even made with flooding consistency icing, just regular piping icing and a tooth pick.

Ivory leaves with dots for a little something different.

And I couldn't pass the opportunity to make Sugarbelle's simple turkeys using a snow man cookie cutter

                                           Here is a plate of cookies I made for the daycare

 ohh this pumpkin pie cookies are so cute, Sugarbelle's ideas are just the best!!

Thank you for stopping by!


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Happy Thanksgiving to you! I believe that you have had a lovely time making all these attractive Thanksgiving cookies. I really like the idea of turkey shapes and Christmas trees.

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