Friday, February 13, 2015

Golden Girl Granola REVIEW

Happy Friday!!!!

Let me start telling you that  I am extremely picky when it comes to granola and the food that we eat at home. Healthy food is a priority in my house and we try to stay away from any process overly sweet food products at home.

Now, let's talk about granola...
How do you like yours?

 I like granola that is not overly sweet, with tasty ingredients and with lots of interesting flavors. I normally make my own so I truly know what is in it and I can vary ingredients based on what I have at home.

But, there are times when the every day running around doesn't allow me to make it and that's when I need to buy a good quality and tasty brand of granola. 

I was thrilled when asked if I wanted to do a review on my site featuring Golden Girl Granola. Before answering the email, I went to their website to read about Golden Girl Granola, the  ingredients in it and  their product philosophy.
Chocolate Decadence Golden Girl Granola

Golden Girl Granola is a family granola business based in Shirley, MA.  They make and sell granola in 14oz and 3oz bags  which you can purchase on their website. This company takes great pride using local products made by hand with the highest quality ingredients.
The mission at Golden Girl Granola is to provide a naturally healthful and deliciously crunchy product of the highest quality to their customers.
Now that I know what really is on their granola I was totally ready to try it.
I selected The Original, Chocolate Decadence, Truly Tropical and Creative Cranberry Flavors.

Over the past few weeks my family and I have tried all these flavors and we have to say that is absolutely delicious!!!
Golden Girl Granola is an all-natural, whole-grain granola that is non-GMO, dairy free, cholesterol free, casein free, trans-fat free, wheat free and has no artificial color or flavors.
This granola is produce in a gluten free kitchen, is free of preservatives and hand crafted in small and artisan batches. It taste just like homemade
Just look at these cashews in the Truly Tropical Granola Flavour.

And did anyone say that you can use granola only in the morning with your fruit and yogurt?
Nope, when you use a good quality and delicious granola like Golden Girl Granola, there are plenty ways to use it, from snaking, cookies and salads to yummy treats like ice cream!!!
Both of my little girls  love to eat ice cream with Chocolate Decadence granola, the tasty chocolate chips, almonds and coconut bring the whole dessert experience to another healthy level.
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