Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Big Heroe Movie Theme Cake

Big Heroe Theme cake created for a little boy's birthday party.
And what is a Big Heroe cake without having Baymax?

Baymax and buildings around the cake handcrafted out of sugar.


stevenjared0853 said...

Oh how cute Big Hero Movie Theme cake! I am in love with this wonderful cake. The color scheme is just eye pleasing. Thanks for the photographs dear. Well, I am going to host a family event at local event space San Francisco and would love to use this theme for the entire decorations.

Winni said...
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Winni said...

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Jara García de Viedma Pérez said...

And what is a Big Hero 6 cake without the 6?

Samy Thakur said...

nice blog to put about cakes and its decoration over the top, these days we can use machines to put similar designs but some top end designs cant be made with machines.. your cakes are looking nice.

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Rahul Bansal said...

Wow! these are wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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Catherine Garcia said...

bimax cake wow i really love bmax . i want this cake in my birthday hehe
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David More said...

OHH baemax I love you. 1A Garage Doors

Bryan Ureta said...

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Kanak Trades said...

nice beautiful cake

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Neha Sharma said...

Movie theme cake was deliciously built with fine art of cake crafting, i strongly believe this nature of making such cakes are truly outstanding for celebrations at my home in Mumbai.

Ayusha said...

You creative cake craft always make me mesmerizing, it looks healthy and good to bake at home too, my daughter will be loving this eggless cake too.

Neha Verma said...

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Rahul Bansal said...

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iT iS DeSi mAn said...

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Norman Sutton said...

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william said...

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Ira Connell said...

wow! i love baymax!

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Earl Nielson said...

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