Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My big 35

These last few days have been very busy for me, Monday, my actual birthday day was a nightmare running around at work. The company that I work for merged with another office this week, so just think about phone issues, fax issues, printers, auxilio!! to much to handle for a newly 35 year old costarrican girl. OK, I will stop complaining now. On Sunday I had a BBQ in my apartment, nothing too crazy, just family and a few friends. We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day . Here is Cami with her friend Zolie, this adorable little boy is the son of my good and talented friend Tina, check out her blog at, she makes the most beautiful cards ever and gave me as a present a set of cards with my blog name hand written and stamp by her. Here is me cutting the cake with my future assistant. I just hope that by the time she becomes my assistant she won't be the one holding me.
Food..yummy!! A week before I had asked the famous Cooking Photographer for help regarding my side dishes, I am not a good cook, so I need it something simple, easy and delicious. God answered my prayers and so did Laura, who send me the most detailed email with tons of overwhelming ideas. This was a cold caprese pasta salad. Laura rewrote the recipe in her blog, but this recipe idea belongs to Patricia from Butter Yum. You can see recipe and of course, better pictures here:

This delicious pasta was a hit!! And I am very PROUD TO SAY that I have been the first one to make it, after Laura of course. Laura told me that she created this recipe for a competition, it is very original and it has the best flavor ever, bacon, cream, Parmesan cheese..heaven!. I followed the recipe every step of the way and it was well worth it. Here is the link, so you can tried too. See, I am good sharing, something that Camilla needs to star learning pretty soon.


The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Kathia,

Your Birthday cake is so pretty! I see you used the flowers you made on it. Your little assistant is such a sweetie, soon she will be helping you in the kitchen.

I'm so happy I could help, and grateful you tested that recipe for me. Thank-you tons.


Indigo Wings said...

Thanks for your sweet words and helping promote my blog, every little bit helps. I'm so glad you listed the recipes for both of those pasta dishes, because they were so good. I will definitely be making them soon. Sorry to hear your Birthday day was less than perfect--but Sunday was great! Have a good weekend.

ButterYum said...

What a pleasant surprise to see you made the caprese pasta salad... definitely one of my favorite things to eat!!

Happy 35th!

Oh, the reason why I came to leave a comment was to answer your question.. I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ-28. It's a wonderful camera (not a super camera, but nicer than a pocket point and shoot), and it came with really great photo editing software. I got mine at Costco.

Alicia Pray said...

Thankx for your comment! I've respondent in my blog, I didn't know how to send the comment direclty to you.

Pink Little Cake said...

Thank you for your comments girls!! And Butter Yum, I have to look into buying a new camera, I will look into that one for sure.

Raychel said...

i can't believe you are 35!! I thought we were about the same age! Like in your twenties...

you look awesome girl!

Raychel -

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