Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cookie Ornaments

The Holiday season is here and I am having so much fun with my girls. I can't lie and tell you that everything is just happiness and smiles around here. We are still dealing with my little baby who doesn't seem to get better but in one way or another, hot chocolate, Christmas music and having my girls make everything better. Cami is enjoying this season so much, she decorated our humble Christmas tree, which by the way,we have had for the past 5 years ( yes, I have been cheap and haven't gotten a nicer one).It took Cami 3 hours decorating and rearranging every single ornament on the tree,and I am not kidding, she did anything she wanted, we even color our own ornaments with our names on it.

Here is a pic of our impromptu photo session


Well in honorr of some ornaments in our tree, here are some Christmas ornaments cookies  I made for The Cookie Cutter Company site. I think they would be a special gift for a teacher, coworker or neighbor this holiday season.Using cookie ornament's cutters you can make fun edible ornaments, put them in a cute container, wrap them with a ribbon and your done. I am sure your cookies will be a big hit!




To make these cookie ornaments you will need:

.Oval Ornament cookie cutter
.Round Ornament cookie cutter
.Teardrop Ornament cookie cutter
•Red,white and yellow royal icing ( stiff for pipping and thin for flooding the cookies)

•Pastry bags, couplers and tips #1 and #2
•Squeeze bottles
•White and red sanding sugar
 A tin paste of of meringue powder and water ( I did 1/4 teaspoon of meringue powder and 1 tablespoons of water)

Start baking your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Making the red round and teardrop ornaments


1-Outline and flood your cookies. Let the cookies dry overnight.
2-Using tip #1 and stiff yellow royal icing pipe the lines inside the ornaments. For the top of the ornament use tip #2.
3-Add yellow dots with tip #1 inside the yellow lines.
3-Using tip #2 add the red dots around the yellow lines, add more dots as you wish. Let the cookie dry overnight.


Making the teardrop and oval ornaments


Start outlining and flooding the cookies.Let them dry overnight.


Making the red and yellow oval ornament:

After the cookie has dried, using tip #2 and white royal icing outline the ornament. Then with tip #2 also and yellow icing add the inside lines and details. With tip #1 add red and white dots alternating dots so they don’t run together. I did all the red dots first and let them dry for a bit, then I did all the white dots.


Making the white oval ornament:

After the cookie has dried, with tip #2 and yellow icing pipe the ornament's hanger. With white icing outline the cookie and pipe all the inside details, at this point if you want you can cover the cookie with sanding sugar or...

when the cookie is completely dry brush the details with the mixture of meringue powder and water and sprinkle on the white sanding sugar.


To make the teardrop ornament:

Pipe the ornament's hanger with the yellow icing and tip #2, let it dry completely.

Then using tip #2 and red icing pipe the squiggles, let it dry for a couple of minutes and cover the cookie with red sanding sugar

Making the round and oval ornaments:
-Outline the top part of the cookie with yellow icing, then the bottom part with white icing.
-Flood the bottom part of the cookie with white icing, then flood the top part with yellow icing, immediately using a squeeze bottle pipe dots of red and white icing.
-Let the cookies dry overnight.
-Pipe the ornament's hanger, then for a raise design, pipe patterns of lines or any other detail that you want. At this point you can either sprinkle the cookie with sanding sugar or you can let the cookie dry for a few hours and then brush it with the meringue powder mix and sprinkle the sanding sugar.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by The Cookie Cutter Company, opinions and designs are my own.


Anonymous said...

Cami did a wonderful job on the Christmas tree and tell her that Santa is going to be very, very proud of all her hard work that he will see in person on Christmas Eve! Mommy did a great job on all these ornament cookies too and even Santa is wondering where she finds the time to do it all! Hope the little fella is feeling better soon.

SweetThingsTO said...

I don't know how you have the time to do all this - I sure hope you are getting enough rest! Everything looks wonderful!

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