Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cookies

It is official.. I am almost having a nervous breakdown. My little baby is not quite healthy yet, this week she has been on a nebulizer and it seems that is working, so I am really hoping that by Christmas she will be ok. Around here we are looking forward for some relaxing time at home, by relaxing I mean having my husband around for a few days and me being able to take a nap. I will be on vacation for a few days and I am so looking forward for pajama day or days should I say!
Cami is excited about Christmas, and Santa, all of the gifts that she thinks is going to get, and I say she thinks because every single toy that she sees on TV is-Mami I want that!, Mami, can you get me that?-Mami call Santa, I want that toy. Some how she thinks Santa has a blackberry, mmm it seems that my pretend calls to Santa are getting her some ideas.

And since I loveeeeee torturing myself... I am in charge of the teacher's gift at school, dance class gifts,our office's corporate gifts and anything that has to do with me being awake at night.
 I have to be up any way making sure the baby is breathing so might as well do something I love.

Here are the cookies for dance class, simple and traditional with a few items like pieces of pretzels and sanding sugar to make them pop..


Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, cut out and bake your cookies.


To make these festive Christmas cookies you will need:

Green,red,white and yellow royal icing ( stiff for pipping and thin for flooding the cookies)
Pastry bags, couplers and tips #1 and #2
Squeeze bottles
Green piping gel ( you can get it at the craft store)
White and red sanding sugar
A tin paste of of meringue powder and water ( I did 1/4 teaspoon of meringue powder and 1 tablespoons of water)
A few pieces of pretzels


 Making the Christmas trees



Let the cookies dry overnight

Making Tree 1


Using tip #2 make small and big dots, also make small and big circles with red royal icing. While the red icing is still wet, sprinkle with red sanding sugar.


 Making tree #2


 Making tree #3
For this cookie, right after you flood it with the green icing, using a squeeze bottle pipe dots of red and yellow icing and let it dry a few hours. Then outline and make garland with green piping gel. Let it dry for a  few minutes and then pipe a red garland on top of the green garland with the stiff royal icing and tip #1.
 Let it dry and make yellow dots for the light bulbs.

For all the Christmas tree cookies, I added the white sanding sugar for the stars and the pieces of pretzels at the end, when the cookies were completely decorated and dry. Use a dot of royal icing to attach the pretzels to the tree's trunk.


 Traditional Candy Cane

 1-Outline green and white stripes. Let it set for a few minutes and flood the white stripes
2-Flood green stripes and let it dry over night
3-Brush the white stripes with a thin paste of meringue powder and water
4-Sprinkle with white sanding sugar

 "Cristal" candy cane


 Outline and flood with white icing, immediately sprinkle with white sanding sugar


 Red and green Stockings


Outline and flood the stocking.Using a squeeze bottle pipe 3 red dots and draw a toothpick through the
 red dot in semicircle.Let the cookies dry over night.
When the cookie is completely dry, brush some "glue" on the top of the stocking and add red sanding sugar.


Happy holidays!!

PS: This is a sponsored post for The Cookie Cutter Company.


Hil said...

Oh my goodness I love them all! So cute and festive. I hope you are able to get some sleep soon and I really hope your little one gets feeling better VERY soon. There isn't nothing more heart breaking than a sick little babe. Enjoy your days off with your husband! Those family times are always the best.


ButterYum said...

Adorable - each and every one of them. I wish I had time to play with cookies every day.


Anonymous said...

The cookies are great and a super idea to add the little bits of pretzels to the trees.

Will keep your family in our prayers over the holidays and hope the baby becomes stronger and healthier. Hoping that you are able to get some rest and enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful little family.

Mari @ Mari's Cakes said...

Dios sanara a tu bebe pronto. I am so happy for Cami I know she'll get lots of nice presents :) Enjoy those PJ days! Love the cookies, I am making some too, I have the doughs in the fridge ready to cut & bake. Have a blessed and happy Christmas.


Anonymous said...

You poor thing. At least I'm not the only one stressed around this time. Your cookies are beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Sue said...

Kathia, Your cookies are so beautiful! You really did a great job! I hope that your baby girl is all well very soon! Your story about your daughter, Santa and the gifts she wants made me chuckle:) Hope you get some well deserved rest and have a stress-free Christmas!

My Creative Way said...

Hey I can comment again :)

Kathia you are so creative!! These are adorable!

Raychel from

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