Monday, February 27, 2012

Cars Theme Cake

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I was so excited to be able to make a boy's cake over the weekend. I put this cake together at home last Saturday in just a few hours, 6 ,maybe.
One of Cami's former teachers was having a Cars theme party for her little boy. She actually wanted to be involve with the cake and help me make a few decorations. I invited her to come to my house and make the cake there.
Of course, my little baby E decided that she didn't want to be in her swing at any point of the day, so Miss G hold her most of the time.I pretty much end up making the cake myself, which of course I was thrilled since I never do anything for boys.

The first 2 tiers of the cake were covered in white fondant.I  used chocolate fondant to add a cut out mountain in the first tier. To make some 'dust', I just did a mix of brown gel color and vodka and applied with a paper towel.

I hand made the traffic light. The number 2 and the trees were made with fondant using cookie cutters.
The road is grey fondant and I piped the lines with white royal icing using tip #2.

I know it is unusual for me to add anything plastic on a cake, but in this case, the birthday boy need to have the cars right there, on the cake!  I attached them with royal icing.
The top tier is just marbled white and blue fondant . Of course, I wanted to make road signs, more trees and a few more details but we were running out of time and end up leaving the cake like this.

Have a great week everyone!


Philly Art Girl said...

So cute and so well done! I love how clean your fondant work is.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful and I love how you did the road on each layer!

Hil said...

Oh my, I bet that little boy just loved it! What a cute cake Kathia! I absolutely love the stop light. So dang cute.

ButterYum said...

So very cute - you did a fabulous job. What a happy little 2 year old the birthday boy must have been.


Ratita Golosa said...

Te ha quedado una tarta preciosa! A mi también me encantan las tartas de niñ@s, pero no siempre tengo la oportunidad!

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

oh how cute, my nephew would LOVE this! You did a great job..something like would take me days...amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dis one is interesting :)

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SweetThingsTO said...

Lucky boy to get a 3-tier cake! Looks great!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

This cake looks like it would have been so much fun to make, amazing!

BertiesBakery said...

The detail work on your cars is awesome! Great work as always!

Jenniffer said...

This is super cute, Kathia! You did a fantastic job!!

Tehseen hasan bajwa said...

I know it is unusual for me to add anything plastic on a cake, but in this case, the birthday boy need to have the cars right there, on the cake! I attached them with royal icing.
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