Monday, May 14, 2012

Small Elmo Cake

 This Elmo cake was made for a little girl turning 2 years old a few weeks ago. The first Elmo cake I have ever made was for my little Camilla, I like colorful cakes and Sesame Street primary colors are so cheerfull and appropriate for little ones.

I made the Elmo topper with rice crispy treats and then I piped the fur with red royal icing, the eyes, nose and mouth were made with fondant.

Last year I was at Michael's and I noticed a Cri Cut cartridge of Sesame Street on sale for $10.Knowing how expensive Cri Cut cartridges are I hurried and grabbed it. The cartridge was for the regular Cri Cut machine, not the one for cakes, I figure I was going to give it a try.
Well, I never got around it until I was asked to make the Sesame Street sign, oh boy I have to say that those $10 were worth every single penny.

I run a little test and not only I was able to make the street sign but also I can make all the other Sesame Street characters. I guess I don't have to tell you how excited I am. 

Now, not so cake related but I figure I will show you how I deliver my cakes
I buy the boxes at Walmart, prices start at $0.99. I know you can also buy them in bulk at Uline, they will be even cheaper, the problem is that I do not have space at my house or rental kitchen to keep them there.  Buying them a few at the time is my only option.

a.I start cutting the sides of the box with an exacto knife
b.I line the bottom of the box with a piece of  silicone shelf ribbed liner, they come in pre-measured rolls, you can get them really cheap at the Dollar Store. I have also found them really cheap at Walmart.
The sticky pliability of the silicone and the cake weight keeps the liner and your cake in place

c. I place the cake inside the box
d.I seal the sides and top of the box with tape.
and your cake is ready to go.

How do you transport your cakes?

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Anonymous said...

I love this cake. Her name in the Sesame Street sign is such a great idea and Elmo is adorable. Paula

SweetThingsTO said...

How cute! Those non-slip mats come in handy all the time. When I am icing a mini cakes or a small tier - I hold it still with a small piece of that.

Sue said...

The non-slip mat is a perfect idea for transporting cakes.
You are so talented, Kathia!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Very very cute, I love the bright colours. I use non slip mat in my cake boxes too, its so handy.

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