Friday, October 4, 2013

Reviewing Martha Stewart's CAKES book

I was very excited when I was asked to bake and review the new Martha Stewart CAKES book from Clarkson Potter/Publishers. This book was in my "get" list as I already have the other 3 books from the series and they haven't disappointed me. 
I have to say this book is totally a keeper. If you are a subscriber of her magazine, you have provably already seeing some of the recipes that are already in the book, but I love having all my recipes in one place and this book has the most amazing repertoire of recipes. 
It is beautiful and so easy to read
Inside are 246 pages of beautiful pictures and easy to follow recipes, all about 150 different cakes!

All the cake recipes are broken up into chapters:
Loaves, Bunts and Tubes
Coffee Cakes
Single Layers
Cakes With Fruits
Layer Cakes 

The last pages of the book discuss essential and piping techniques,glazes,garnishes and finally lots of recipes for frostings. 

Pictured is the cake a made, I couldn't decide which to make so I made 2. The Buttermilk cake and the Chocolate Truffle cake. What can I say? just the word truffle say it all. Yumm!!


Lisa F. said...

My kinda cake you get two for one. Looks yummy can't wait to buy this book.

Kiitu said...

What a lovely blog! :)

Wanna follow eachother?


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