Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sesame Street Cake for my little one 2nd Birthday

Happy Wednesday. Believe it or not I am still recovering from a busy weekend. My little baby turned 2 last Saturday. She is not technically a baby anymore but I still have to call her baby. She doesn't sleep at night, literally. I have done everything and anything. She has a lot of anxiety and tents to make me a little desperate anxious.
She is also the most adorable little girl ever and has such a deep display of love for all of us.She is such a blessing in our lives.

I wasn't thinking about having a big birthday party, just a little cake for us. Cami was schedule for a dental extraction on Monday and I had been so stress about it for weeks that a big birthday party was the last thing in my mind.

 But then the mommy guilt comes  ( do you actually get that if you have more than one kid?)and I started printing party decorations, making a big cake and all of the sudden I was planning a big birthday party in 2 days.

Any way. The baby loves Elmo, very typical on a 2 year old. So I made her a Sesame Street theme cake, I took the cake letter's idea from Juanita, she made a cake for her little one also around the Sesame Street theme.

Cookie Monster and Elmo were made in 20 minutes, I definitely have to do some practice with Cookie Monster has he didn't turned out how I wanted. Of course my little one was crazy over it and love it.

And this is my first try with Abby Cadabby full body cookie. Always room for a better cookie in the future. 

 Super cute and affordable little printables from an Etsy shop.
And then there was a very tired mommy.
Hope you all are having a great weekend.


faithy said...

I can't believe you did everything in just 2 days! Supermom you! Happy Birthday to your little baby! Such a cute cake and your cookies are awesome! My son is an adult now but i still see him as my baby..LOL!

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

Seriously, you are super mom. With everything going on you whipped this up in no time, HOLY MOLY! The cake and figures are so great - I think cookie monster looks AWESOME - and the cookies, wow.....talent for sure. Way to go Mom!!!

Kathy said...


Lisa F. said...

Oh my goodness this whole party theme is adorable! And in two days very impressive you did a great job. I love all the details and her name in Muppet fondant us too cute! Best wishes to your little one.

Kathy said...

What a cute cake. How did you make the Sesame Street Letters? And how did you make those adorable Abby Cadaby Cookies? Thanks. I would like to make similar letters and cookies.

XoomIndia said...

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XoomIndia said...

Cake looks beautiful. stuffing of toys on a cake is beautiful. Amazing cake for children birthday. Can we deliver cakes in delhi

Pink Little Cake said...

Kathy, I can find a way to contact you to help you with your question, so i am replying here.
I made the letter using cookie cutters, the details in each letter are handmade by me with fondant.
For the cookies, I hand cut the shape of the cookies and print out a picture of Aby , I then used my kopykake to draw and decorate the cookies.
Hope this helps

Jones Morris said...

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