Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The New Year in pics

 Well, Happy New Year to all!!

I haven't had a sweet, bread or pasta in 7 days. I am still alive. Barely!
As it turned out, I had way too many S mores's over Christmas.
 I also got to make my own bread, which by the way turned out pretty good . Not from a French patisserie, but it was my first time and it wasn't bad at all. There is also the fact that we had it with bacon, eggs and toasted with butter, that must have helped right?

Any way, this year I didn't make too many goals and resolutions, but one of them is eating healthier, get rid of my carb and sweet  addiction and also start cooking and making more food from scratch. 
I got a pretty sweet Gift card from Amazon over Christmas, so I was able to get the book 
 Homemade with Love, from Jennifer Perillo.
 I am in love with that book and her approach to homemade, local grown and healthy food. And what is an Amazon order without a book all about S'mores? ohh this book!! great S'mores recipes- that for the record I will be making, but not too often. 

Are you freezing ? do you get snow where you live?  around here we have had so much snow that I can totally send you some your way. Last week I got in the house on Thursday night and I didn't come out until Monday morning this week to go to work. 

I have always said, snow is nice as long as you do not have to work or you are allow to wear sweats and warm boots at work. 

My baby E wanted to play in the snow with her big sister. 
So to the snow we went. 

According to my husband this is a Snowman. Yes, I know, the nose if backwards, for some reason he couldn't place it the right way. 

I took a cookie-cake -cation for a few weeks. It felt good not having datelines and cake orders.

But I am back in business and my oven is ready for my baking. 
This coming weekend have have some cute Superhero cupcakes to make
and this is the beginning of a birdhouse topper for a Baptism cake. 

How is the new year treating you so far? 


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