Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silly Ghost, Black cat and Coffin -Halloween Cookies

For this month’s cookie tutorial for The Cookie Cutter Company Cami and I we decided to make some fun and silly Halloween cookies. Halloween is one of my favorite day to have fun, be silly and celebrate and now that my oldest girl is in to helping mommy with everything I drag her along to decorate these cookies.
I love detail oriented cookies, but  don’t we also love the simple cookies?  the ones that don’t require too many colors and steps!  Black and white icing, Halloween sugar pearls and a little black sugar is all you need to decorate these cookies.
Supplies you will need
Icing bags
Black sanding sugar
Unused tooth brush

Silly speckled ghost cookie

Outline and flood  your cookies with white royal icing. Let the cookie set for a few minutes and then outline and flood the black boots.
Let the cookies dry overnight.
Using an UNUSED tooth brush, dip the bristles in flooding consistency black icing and then run your fingers through the bristles to create a light speckling of black color.

Add eyes, mouth, red tongue or any other detail you might want.
Halloween Cat Cookie

Outline and flood the cat cookie with black icing.

Let the cookies dry overnight.
Outline the cookies again and sprinkle them with black sanding sugar. Can you tell that sprinkling sanding sugar could be one of my daughter’s favorite decorating techniques.

Black coffin cookie

Outline and flood the cookies with black royal icing, let the cookies set overnight.

Using tip #1,   sketch the basic structure of the skeleton using a picture of the human skeleton as reference, there are plenty of templates onlione.  If you want to get more detail oriented, a kopykake will be the best option, I was looking for the easiest way, you know sometimes I am lazy like that.

I started drawing the ribs section and from there I moved to the limbs and head.

Once the skeleton has been drawn, outline the coffin with black icing. Attach the Halloween sugar pearls in your desire pattern.
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SweetThingsTO said...

Great cookies! Love the photos with your daughters cute little hands helping out - she must have so much fun with you.

Jenniffer said...

I like all of your posts, but I think I like your cookie posts the best. I just can't decorate a cookie like you do to save my life! Happy Halloween!

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