Friday, November 7, 2014

Masquerade theme Sweet 16 Cake

I have to say that the hardest part of making this Sweet 16 Masquerade theme cake was the delivery. The cake itself was tall and heavy. I handmade the masks and I was totally terrified of the masks breaking in transit that I decided to assemble the cake at the venue.
Here is the cake at delivery time.
  I added the masquerade mask attaching them with candy melts and now the cake it really comes to life.

The masquerade masks were made with gumpaste because they really needed stability, I made them using a template I found online. Masquerade masks and cake details were painted with gold luster dust.

and just bragging here.... with my beautiful assistant at delivery time.


bob morrison said...

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David Fernandes said...

There are so many great ideas here, thank you for sharing everything!! It's so hard to find party ideas suitable for older kids, I'm so glad you shared links as well as your ideas. It makes planning a sweet 16 cake toppers party for a girl so much easier!!

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