Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I like to keep a large variety of cake boards on hand. For most of my cakes I like to cover the  boards with fondant because it makes them look like it belongs with your cake.
I cover my cake boards at least 2 or 3 days ahead, to make sure the fondant is well set before I place the cake on top.
If you want to cover your cake board with fondant you will need:

-Confectioners sugar for dusting
-Water or piping gel
-Thick cake board of the required size
-Pastry brush
-Rolling pin
-Fondant smoother
-Turn table
-Small exacto knife
-Ribbon of your choice
-Glue gun
-Metal ruler or tape measure

You can make your own thick cake board using 3 thin cake boards
Just glue them together making sure they
lie completely flat on the table
You can also use store bought foil cake board, which is what I used in this case because it was the exact size I needed for my cake.

-Dust your cake board thinly with confectioners sugar and brush it with a little water, to make a glue for the fondant. If you don't want to do that just brush a small amount of piping gel on the cake board.
-Roll out the fondant to about 1/4 inch thick and large enough to cover the cake board.

-Using the rolling pin, lift the fondant and lay it over the cake board
-Using your fondant smoother glide over the surface of the fondant and push out any air bubbles.

- Place the cake board on top of the turn table and
trim the excess off with the exacto knife.
-Set the cake board aside to dry for 1 or 2 days
- Once the fondant is dry, attach the ribbon around the
 edge of the board with your glue gun. 


You are going to have a beautiful fondant covered cake board. 


Mari Nuñez said...

Excellent...I haven't try it this way, but it sure looks very nice. Thanks for sharing your technique.

have a blessed evening : D

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this! I never thought of covering the board!!

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Don't you remove the excess fondant from the center of the covered board before you let it dry? You can save yourself a lot of fondant if you do. Example, if you're placing an 8" cake on the board, remove the middle 7" of fondant.

I love watching your blog!!!


PS - Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Pink Little Cake said...

Patricia, I totally agree with you. I should do it, somehow I don't, I feel the cake will sink
Cami was sick on MOther's day, so it was just the two of us at home.

Sue said...

Looks awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!

The Cooking Photographer said...

You have two blogs now? One is for advertising it looks like? That's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you have the bottom tier on it's own cake board or you put the cake directly ontop of the fondant covered cake board? TIA!!

Anonymous said...

I would ask the same: was the cake on a cake board then placed on top of the fondant covered board? If so how do you secure the cake board to the fondant (i.e. with buttercream). Great tutorial.

pantera said...

kathia tengo que guardar esas fotos de tlc ,para cuando sea famosa tenga el horgullo de desir que esa bella senora fue mi maestra
gooooood job and the best for yoy

Unknown said...

I always cover my cake boards, it adds a really professional finish even if you're just a hobby baker like myself. I've just come across a really good site. which is worth a look. It has a great app and calculator for how much fondant you need to cover cakes, boards etc.

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