Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Light Bulb Cookies

Happy Black Friday!!  Did I go shoping? No,I am totally over going to the stores on Black Friday. When I was younger I used to do it, now I am pretty happy with free shipping and online shopping.

It is official people... Christmas is around the corner and I am on holiday baking mode. Of course, I do not know where I am getting the time to bake or decorate, my poor little baby has been sick with a cold for the past few weeks and it is totally heart breaking seeing her so miserable with her stuffy nose.At 7 weeks, medicine is out of question, so hopefully soon she can get over it.

Well, let's get into cookies...another tutorial for The Cookie Cutter Company,
I love making light bulb cookies, they are big and you can play with colors as much as you want. For these cookies I wanted to make something a little bit different using purple and green colors as base. I also added some details to make the cookies pop and look extra cute.

To make these Bulb cookie designs you will need

  • Christmas green,light green, purple, lavender,red,white and black royal icing ( stiff for pipping and thin for flooding the cookies)
  • Pastry bags, couplers and tips #1,#2 and #10 round tip
  • Toothpicks
  • Silver Dragees
  • Food Writers
  • Food Silver Glaze ( you can find it at most craft stores or online)
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Christmas Light Bulb Cookie Cutter
  • Pearl Luster dust ( optional)
  • Fondant Holly leaves
  • Sixles

Making the purple and lavender Bulbs

Using tip #10 cut the hole in the center of the bulb "head" and then bake the cookies


 Making the Snow Flake Lavender cookie

 When your cookie is completely dry, using white royal icing and a piping bag with tip #1 draw the snow flakes.You can make them in diferent sizes to add dimention to the cookie.

Making the Lavander and Purple cookies with petals

 This is an easy cookie design and you do not need a template for it. Just handdraw the petals adding as many petals as you want.

Making the Christmas Light Bulb Cookies with Holly leaves

 For these cookies I wanted to use a more traditional Christmas color, green. I also wanted to incorporate winter details to bring them to life.

Start outlining and flooding the cookies

 Let the cookies dry overnight
When the cookies are completely dry,cover the bulb with a paper towel.
Now, hold the can of pearl luster spray a little away from the cookie and give them a light mist.  
It dries very quicky, but I would reccomend you to let the cookies untouch for a few minutes.
 Making the Snowman Cookie

With stiff white royal icing and tip #10 make body and head of the snowman
Attach Holly leaves and sixles with a dab of royal icing
 Chritsmas tree and snow cookie

 Outline and flood the tree and the "snow", add red "lights" with red royal icing using tip #1

Attach Holly leaves and "berries"
 And this last cookie looks just perfect with the Holly leaves and  little "berries"

Are you ready for your holiday baking and cookie decorating?
 Have a great weekend!
PS: This is a sponsored post by The Cookie Cutter Company



Que preciosidad de galletas,a cual mas bonita,gracias por el paso a paso.

ButterYum said...

Oh Kathia - these are the cutest cookies ever! I really like the 3-dimensional details. Great photos. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

These are lovely I especially like the lavender ones.

Natalie said...

Gorgeous cookies!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!!! Great job!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Oh wow they are awesome!! I was in love with the purple ones then I saw the green ones, so pretty!! I hope your littlest miss gets better soon.

Aurora said...

Unas galletas preciosas, me encantan las clásicas con el muñeco de nieve y el abeto, aunque las de la lavanda son muy originales!!!

SweetThingsTO said...

Hope the little one feels better very soon! Beautiful cookies!

Barbara Bakes said...

They definitely look extra cute! Such a fun idea. I hope your little one is feeling much better.

Sue said...

These are the most beautiful Christmas light cookies I've ever seen! Love all the added details, Kathia!

SweetSugarBelle said...

Oh wow! I accidentally stumbled upon your work, and I have to say, these are beautiful! I love how you took something so common and made them unique and BEAUTIFUL!

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