Friday, January 27, 2012

2 D Valentine Snow Globe Cookie

When it comes to being special-
you are way up there!

I loved this fabulous card that I found at my local grocery shop and I was waiting for the right moment to use it, who new it was going to be in cookie form.

The Cookie Cutter Company is releasing a new Snow Globe cookie cutter and I am really excited to show you how to make a totally "outside the box Snow Globe cookie" with a Valentine's Day theme.


To make this cookie you will need the following supplies:

.Snow Globe cookie cutter
.Round cookie cutter
.Black food coloring marker
.White royal icing ( stiff for outlining and thin for flooding the snow globe cookie)
.Red,pink and green stiff consistency royal icing
.Tip #1 and 2
.Grass tip #233
.Piping bags and couplers
.Squeeze bottle ( for the white icing)

Prepare and bake your favorite sugar cookie recipe



-Draw the mouse and the balloons (hearts) with the black food marker. ( or draw any other design that can make your snow globe cookie unique)
Don't be scare of your drawing, it is just a cookie, if you don't like what you drew,just design something else,icing can cover any mistake.

- Fill the hearts with red and pink icing alternating the red and pink colors and allowing drying time in between filling to avoid any bleeding.


-Using the black food marker trace the balloon's strings.


Making the base for the Snow Glove

(Before baking the round cookie, using a small knife cut a square shape in the middle of the cookie making sure its big enough to fit both snow globe cookies inside)

-Place the round cookie on a piece of parchment paper and fill with white icing

-Pipe some white icing in the back of one cookie and immediately attach the other cookie


-Place the cookies ( now one cookie) inside the base (round cookie) and let it dry for a couple of hours. If you feel that your cookie is a little unstable, carefully hold your cookie for a few minutes until the icing starts to set.


-Hold the decorating bag 90° straight up and pipe the "beads" around the globe. I also pipe some dot flowers on the base of the Snow Globe. 

-Then pipe the red beads, dots details and the grass on the base of the cookie


And if you want to get a little fancy...

Sprinkle your cookie with snow!

I think the snow globe cookie turned out really cute.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, stay tune because there are wonderful heart cookie pops coming your way soon. Have a great weekend!

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faithy said...

Such a brilliant idea for Valentine's Day! Very pretty too!

Zucchero incantato said...

This is so nice!

Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said...

Oh Kathia, this is so cute!

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Oh my, Kathie - Stunning!!!


Mari Nuñez said...

Adorable! Love your step by step! My daughter saw this and now I have to make some snow globe cookies :)

Have a blessed weekend.

The Mad Hausfrau said...

This is so cute. What a unique Valentin'es Day cookie!

Bobbie said...

Seriously??? These are freakin' adorable, what a great (and original) idea! Thanks for the how to!

Anonymous said...

This 3D Valentine Snow Globe is so unique and so adorable! Love that you made royal icing snow for it too!

LORENA said...


Aurora said...

Un paso a paso fantástico,gracias por compartirlo, y me encanta como te ha quedado,es una preciosidad!!!

Culinary Collage said...

This is adorable!

La Vera in bucatarie said...

Very, very nice ...Good idea for Valentine's Day.

Unknown said...

oh my this made my heart just swell and say "aaaaahhhh" how cute, really really sweet.

SweetThingsTO said...

how cute!!! I love it!

Barbara Bakes said...

It turned out super cute! Such a fun, creative idea.

Kamal Ahmed said...

This is so beautiful!! love it. i am inspired :)Never made a cookie in my life but want to give this a try. Would you share your favor cookie receipt and how do I make cookie icing? Thank you.

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