Monday, January 9, 2012

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Before I get any email from the Cake Police I want to tell you that this cake is not my design.

My client sent me a picture of a cake and she wanted me to replicate it, which I always say no, I wouldn't want any one to make the same cakes I do, so I do not like to do it. Back and for with my client and she really wanted the design for her little boy's birthday party. I took the order and I search for the cake online, finally I found it on the blog of the talented Vera of Baking Obsession, please see her cake here. It is beautiful and the characters are perfect. I left Vera a message explaining her my situation and also letting her know I was going to post links here of her beautiful cake.
Which brings another issue, you make a cake the someone else has made and you always find yourself thinking that no matter what you do, your cake is awful,specially when making specific characters.
Well any way, here is the cake.

Winnie the Pooh

Everyone having fun getting ready to eat cake

and this is my favorite ! the little cake

Piglet is a little in the chubby side

These were all small cake toppers and I made them with fondant. Thank you for stopping by


IFeelCook said...

Gorgeous cake!!! I love it :D

Unknown said...

Cutest freaking cake ever!

The Fancy Lady said...

what a super cute cake!
I'm also a baker from nj i just stumpled across your blog from another blog. Its nice to see another blogger from NJ though i don't seem to come across many

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Adorable! I think your cake is really fabulous - LOVE the tiny cake :). I'm not very good at making figures, so I admire anyone else's ability to make them. So nice of you to post a link to the original cake designer - you are a jewel in the cake community!!


Barbara Bakes said...

Such a fun cake. Winnie the Pooh is such a classic. My twins had giant stuffed Pooh characters when they were little 16 years ago.

Tracy said...

Such a cute cake! I love it!!

SweetThingsTO said...

I seem to be a little bit behind on your posts... or else you've just been keeping very busy! I love reading up on your posts - great cakes and cookies always! And you can always tell how much you love creating things and sharing. Have a great week!

Kathy C. said...

Kathia, that is simply adorable! :)
I almost always have customers ask me to make a cake to replicate a photo they have found. I think other cake makers are honored when their work is copied. Remember... "imitation is the best form of flattery". :)

Kathy C.

Unknown said...

So adorable!! The figures are too cute!!

Carsedra of:

Anonymous said...

I love your baking code of ethics and I'm sure that Vera very much appreciated you getting in touch with her. Your cake is absolutely adorable and I know that the Mom of the little birthday boy must have been over the moon with it.

Trini Altea said...


Una obra de arte la tarta.

Un saludo desde Andalucía (España)

Sue said...

I just love this adorable cake! You did a great job on the characters, and I LOVE the tiny cake:)

Mari Nuñez said...

Looks very beautiful, I am a pooh fan :) so I love it.


Unknown said...

My heart completely just melted....melted at this cake. My daughter (now almost 8) was given the nickname by me at age 2 DAYS old of "pooh bear" b/c she was so sweet, cuddly, loved to eat and had the biggest pooh bear Buddha belly! I love this innocent and sweet, nice colors.

Unknown said...

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