Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easter Extravaganza Project-Marshmallow Bunny Cake

Marshmallows, yellow bunnies and cake? yes, they are all here !!

I was so excited when Haniela invited me to be part of her Easter Project along with other talented bloggers. I love this type of collaborations because I always get to meet new and creative bloggers.

Since I always find myself running around I decided to make a small 6 inch vanilla buttermilk cake fill with chocolate mousse. Instead of frosting the cake, I just placed small marshmallows all over the cake.  I definitely loved the look and the taste, but I found that the cake needed to be eaten almost the same day, the small marshmallows started to dry pretty soon.

For the cake topper I decided to go in full bunny mode, these little bunnies might seem complicated to make but actually they were pretty easy to make.
I think my favorite is this one holding a cupcake.

Here is a picture of the bunny deconstructed so you can get an idea how to make it.
 All shapes start with a round ball and from there you make tear drops in different sizes until you accomplish the size you are looking for.

Instead of using a tooth pick for support in my cake toppers, as much as the figure allows it, I like to use spaghetti to hold body and head together. I also used spaghetti to attach the ears to the head.
 I use sugar glue or a dab of water to attach the pieces together.

It seems that this little guy is craving cake, no carrots here-sorry!

The little cake was made with the above cutter,
 I just layered chocolate and white fondant round shapes one on top of the other.
 The pink frosting top is just a free form round.

I had gotten this small impression mat a long time ago, this was my firs time using it for the fence.
I like the results.

Now, check all the talent participating in this project and the amazing and creative  treats !
Thank you Hani!! for inviting me and letting me be part of this fun collaboration.

Easter Egg Cupcakes by Liz - Hoosier Homemade
Easter Treat Pouches by Elena - Just Me
Bunny Cake by Kathia - Pink Little Cake
Easter Gumball Machine by Marlyn - Montreal Confections
Easter Island by Laura - A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe
Easter Bunny Sandwich by Michelle - Creative Food
Bunny Garland by Sue - Munchkin Munchies
Egg Hunt Pound Cake by Jennifer - Not Your Momma's Cookie
Easter Basket Cookies by Amber - Sweet Ambs Cookies
The Carrot Patch Cake by Kim - The Partiologist
Cookie Bunny Pop by Meaghan - The Decorated Cookie
Pretzel Bunnies by Sarah - Miss CandiQuik
I, Robot Egg Cookie by Hani - Haniela's


Michelle | Creative Food said...

I LOVE the marshmallows all over the cake! Almost like little bunny tails! Such a gorgeous cake the details are incredible!

Unknown said...

I Love that little bunny behind sticking out!

Beth @HungryHappenings said...

Your sculptures are fantastic. I love that the bunnies are engaging with the mini cakes. The technique you used to create the fence is great. The whole cake is whimsical and beautiful.

Beth @ Hungry Happenings

Mike @ Semi Sweet said...

Wow! All the little details are so incredible!!

Montreal Confections said...

What a fun cake the bunnies are super cute.

the decorated cookie said...

Oh my gosh, you are so good at what you do!! This is crazy awesome. Love the bunny with the tiny cupcake!

pearse said...

do u mind what color/brand did u use for fence

Pink Little Cake said...

Pearse, the fondant brand is Satin Ice and the color in chocolate, I just mixed in a little white to give it a more light chocolate color.

HoosierHomemade said...

Amazing! The details are unbelievable! Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

Kathia, This is perfect in every way! How clever to cover it in marshmallows. The bunnies are darling and I especially love the little cake!

Robin @ Bird On A Cake said...

Those bunnies are seriously cute! Fantastic cake! :)

Unknown said...

I love your Bunnies, and the use of marshmallows, so clever! Beautiful cake Kathia!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Kathia! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute cake! I love the mini cake and the bunny checking it out!

adozeneggs said...

What an adorable cake. I would never have thought to cover a cake with marshmallows!
Love the bunnies and the mini cake on top.

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Having to eat a whole cake in one day sounds like a bonus to me, love the marshmallow idea. Its such a cute cake, I love the bunnies.

Jill @ said...

Such a cute the marshmallows!!

Mari Nuñez said...

So many cute Easter options for dessert. Your cake looks awesome Kathia, as a marshmallow fan that I am, I would definitely love a cake like this for me :)


Carrie said...

Awwwww- it is such a cute cake.

Savor The Baking said...

The cake is so cute and I love the cake toppers. The marshmallows really bring the cake full circle. :-)

Unknown said...

Wow! You have an amazing talent with cakes! I can't imagine that I could ever make that and if I did I'd be too proud of myself to eat it. :) I'd love to have you link up to my Easter edition of Family Fun Friday!

Anonymous said...

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