Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Peony-Engagement Cake

I made this engagement cake a few weeks ago. Each tier has 3 layers of Red Velvet cake and 2 layers of Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream. The cake and flowers's colors were based on the color of the dress that the bride was going to wear  at her engagement party. ( was going to wear, because she changed her mind)
Note for the flower police: I know peonies are not blue, don't email me. My inbox is about to explote.

A funny story: First of all. This cake was for a former client, which I adore because she used to be my little one's teacher.
The cake was due for pick up on a Sunday morning. I finished the cake on Friday and Saturday I went and placed the flowers on the cake, put the cake on the box and went home. Saturday afternoon I got an email from the bride asking me to change the colors of the flowers, or the cake because she had changed her mind about the dress she was going to wear at the party. She did sent me a picture of the new color that she wanted me to incorporate on the cake.

As I explained to her, it was already too late for me to do that. If you have made sugar flowers before, you know they take some time to dry. Another good reason to always have all your orders, payments, contracts in writing.
Top tier before adding the flowers

Top tier with sugar flowers


Flowers on first and secont tier

A few behind the scene photos

Here are the flowers drying and before dusting

Peonies's petals drying

Plastic dowels and PMP pear luster spray

Wilton cake board,Ivory Wilton color, Peackok petal dust, Wilton blue luster dust
Big brush, mini container for dust

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Sue said...

Kathia, The flowers(and cake) are BEAUTIFUL! I know it's quite a process to achieve such beauty. I can't believe that someone would think you could just whip some more up at the last minute~yikes!

Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said...

The cake is gorgeous, but what a disaster. I just hope that she liked the cake regardless, especially given how beautiful it is! Her dress will pale in comparison :)

Eftychia said...

Such a beautiful cake! Very nice work!

abuela said...

Lovely cake !!!!! beautiful flowers !!!!!

Anonymous said...

The cake is huge and the flowers are beautiful. I hope the bride to be appreciates just how much work goes into creating this. Perhaps after seeing it she decided to wear her blue dress after all.

giovanna said...

absolutely amaaaaziiiing

Trish - Sweetology101 said...


BertiesBakery said...

I think you did a beautiful job... blue peonies or not!

Nanna (PynteKagen) said...

I love the blue peonies...

Jenniffer said...

Such a beautiful cake Kathia! Great job on the peonies!!

Carmen said...

Wowww, haces unos trabajos fantásticos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He visto esas galletas que decías y son una preciosidad, la próxima vez haré las flores como tu. Gracias por tu visita.

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