Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Koala Topper Tutorial

Last Thursday my good friend Raychel, from My Creative Way invited me as a guest on her blog. This is the tutorial that I made for her, if you didn't have the chance to see it there, here it is for you.I actually made this koala bear while Cami was watching an episode of Dora, it was my first time making it and I thought it was pretty easy.

Koala Bear Toppers

Adapted from Frances McNaughton's book.

Materials and tools:

Sharp pointed scissors
Exacto knife
Small heart cutter
Small flower cutter (optional)
Tweezers ( optional)
Black and white gumpaste ( you can use fondant in you want)
Pink gumpaste ( you can use fondant and what ever color you want)
A few pieces of dry spaghetti (I recommend using spaghetti because is food and safer than using toothpicks)

Take a piece of the pink gumpaste for the body, then form it into an egg shape and add a piece of dry spaghetti in the middle for support.

Roll out a small piece of pink gumpaste and cut the heart .

Attach the heart to the tummy using the brush and a little bit of water.

Get another piece of pink gumpaste and divide it into 4 balls. Take 2 of the balls and form each one into a carrot shape to make the legs.

Attach one piece of dry spaghetti into each leg, and attach them to the body using a little water.

Mark the toes with the knife.

Remember, you made 4 balls before? And you already use 2 for the legs. Now take one of the balls and divide it into 2 balls and make smaller carrot shapes for the arms. Attach one piece of spaghetti into each arm. (my koala bear arms somehow look big, yours should be smaller)

Join the arms to the body and mark the fingers(paws) with the knife.

For the head, take a piece of pink gumpaste and form it into a square.(the size should be half of the body). Then take two small pieces of white gumpaste and make two flat ovals shapes for the ears ( see picture).

With the knife make a cut in each side of the head.

Then, stick the ears on the sides of the head pushing in gently . ( use water to attach them)

Snip around the edges of the ears with the scissors.

Mark the mouth with the knife. Make the nose from a black oval shape and the eyes from two tiny balls.

Attach the nose to the face and mark the place where you are going to put the eyes with the back of the brush. ( I do this because I always attach the eyes in the wrong place)

Attach the eyes

And now you have the head.

Attach the head to the body and you will have this cute koala bear. I even added a little flower detail on her head.

Now, you can just play around. I frosted a jumbo cupcake with vanilla frosting...

added some candy ... and this is the result!

Yes, keep looking because koala has a boyfriend or a husband I should say?

I guess is her husband because they have this cute little baby girl koala together!

I hope you understood my poor english grammar and if you did, let me know if you would like to see more tutorials like this one. Play around and have a lot of fun making koalas.



Raychel said...

Love it! Thanks agian for coming over to my blog :)


Snooky doodle said...

wow how cute. you make it look so easy ! awesome :)

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

This is the cutest koala family I've ever seen!!!!! Your English and grammar were perfect!

PS - Yes, more tutorials anytime!!

Cakemol said...

Hola preciosa, gracias por estos koalas tan chulos, son geniales y el paso a paso que nos has hecho es espectacular¡¡¡¡
A ver si un día que tengas un ratito puedes decirme cómo haces el frosting de vainilla please¡¡¡En mi blog tienes el correo por si quieres contestar por email. Un bezazo desde España guapaaa.

Sugar Siren said...

Very well put together tutorial, well done.

Yes please do more, it is always very interesting to see the slight differences in techniques everyone has.

Sue said...

So cute that you made a pink koala! I love the head(like the real thing!),especially the ear detail, and the added touch of the little flower:) Great tutorial, and love the surprise ending!

Ashley said...

I love the boy koala! So adorable!

cookies and cups said...

what a great idea with the spaghetti! And look at you with whole wheat to boot ;)
These little koalas are so precious!

Kate said...

The koala family is adorable! You need to be teaching classes. Keep the tutorials coming. I love seeing the step-by-step of your creations!

Baking Momma said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love love love the Koalas. The tutorial was awesome. I would love to try and make. But my patience is horrible and I have to learn patience to make those cute little guys.
Love your blog

Unknown said...

Thanks soo much for this!! You simplified it so well! Yes yes, would LOVE more tutorials.

Coco Cake Land said...

heehee!! the looks on the koala faces are hilarious. love the tie on the male koala...

great tutorial! :)

SweetThingsTO said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing. I love the koala with the tie :-)

Unknown said...

The koala family is adorable!

Anonymous said...


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adorable pink koala, I will tell my daughter to see this project and I'm sure she will so love it, thank you for sharing this awesome craft project!

kylakae said...

Very cute! You should consider taking a class with Lorraine McKay. She's going to be out your way in November. If you don't know her she's a brilliant figure modeler from Scotland and a hoot, too! You'll love her.


Unknown said...

I like to eat cake and these all cake looking so intreating and great. It design and decoration looking very impressive.

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