Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Series...Pumpkin Project Tutorial

Isabel Sanchez of Isa's Cakes

My last post of the 28 Days of Sweet Halloween Ideas is here,I hope you had as much fun as I did and also learned new techniques and fun projects along the way. 
Special thanks to all my guest bloggers, you are awesome, humble,talented and very kind for
sharing your talent with all of us!

As my last guest today I have Cake Designer and Sugar artist Isabel Sanchez. I meet Isabel last year through the New York City Cake Decorators Meet Up, I took one of her rice crispy treats cake topper classes and I was very impress with her  unique technique in figure molding using rice crispys . 
That's why I asked her if she could share a tutorial with us.This is a fan project and I am sure you will be able to apply it in the future for other theme cake designs.

Pumpkin Project

1. Make a ball of Rice Krispy Treats and carve the face of Jack of lantern .

2. Tint Fondant in orange using food coloring.

3. Make sure to reshape the ball.

4. Using a cutting tool open eyes and mouth at the carving part you made before.

5. Take about 3 oz. of white fondant to make the body of the figure. Shape body about 1.5’ long

6. Shape upper paws (arms) about 1.25’ long, using a cutting tool mark fingers

7. Shape two equal balls and shape down paws (feet) and using a cutting tool, mark the toes.

8. Make head as peanut shape but one side bigger that the other one.

9. Build the figure on top of the pumpkin (Body, Legs, Feet, Arms, Head, Ears, Nose, Collar).

10. Using a liner paintbrush, paint with black coloring food all black parts. You can dilute paint in a bit of water. (Parts to paint: Ears, nose, collar, between fingers and toes, and Jack of Lantern)

11. Roll different shades of green to make leaves.

12. Have Fun!


Jenniffer said...

What a cute Snoopy! This was a great series Kathia, thanks for bringing us all together!

Karma said...

Ooooh.. qué chulo, aún me tengo que animar con el RKT! qué tutorial tan estupendo.

Sue said...

Thanks! I love this, but I'm a sucker for Snoopy:)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh this is so awesome! Too cute!

Mary Lazarides said...

Isa, you are so talented and you make it look so easy!

Ratita Golosa said...

Hola Kathia!! Fantástico tutorial y la calabaza muy divertida. Que pena que ya ha pasado Haloween, pero bueno, para el año que viene.
Un besito

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