Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to make a Baseball Ball using Rice Crispy Treats

When I made the Yankee Theme Groom Cake last month, I tried to take as many pictures as I could to show you the process.
Here is the first of 3 tutorials that I put together making this cake.
Making the Baseball balls


To make the baseballs I made my own rice crispy treats , the recipe is really easy to make and I can save some money instead of buying the rice crispy already made.


-When you have made the rice crispy treat, roll as many balls as you need,wrap them in plastic wrap and let them sit over night.

-Don't make the balls too big because you are going to cover them with white modeling chocolate and then with fondant. You need to keep the proportions of the real baseball ball.

I also made white modeling chocolate, which is made using white chocolate and corn syrup. I like to work with white chocolate to model figures and make other details in cakes. White chocolate has the texture of marzipan and is very easy to work with. It can be use to make modeling figures, ribbons, flowers, leaves and cake toppers like the ones I made for this particular cake.Modeling chocolate can be made with dark or white chocolate and is very inexpensive to make it homemade, you always can buy it online if you do not want to make your own.


7 ounces of chopped white chocolate

1 1/2  tablespoons of light corn syrup

-Melt the white chocolate in a metal bowl and set over a pan of simmering water.
-Stir the chocolate until melted and smooth.
- Remove from heat and stir until has cooled a little bit.

-Stir in the light corn syrup. The chocolate will stiffen almost immediately.
-Keep stirring until completely combined and transfer the chocolate to a plastic bag ( or plastic wrap)and refrigerate for 1 hour before using.


-Grease your work area with Pam spray, in this way the modeling chocolate won't stick to your mat or table.
-Remove the chocolate from the refrigerator, and knead it until it is soft enough to work with. If  you feel the chocolate is too hard let it sit for a few minutes.
-Roll the modeling chocolate with a small rolling pin and cover the rice crispy ball.
-Remove the extra white chocolate with your hands and  keep rolling the balls until they are all nice and smooth.
-Set the balls aside and let them rest on parchment paper for a few minutes.


-Roll out white fondant to 1/4 " inch thick and cover the ball ( I didn't use any water to stick the fondant to the white chocolate)
-Using your fondant smoother, smooth and shape the ball to remove any air bubbles.I didn't want to smooth the ball with my hands because I was afraid the pressure of my hands were going to leave impressions on the fondant.
-Trim off some of the excess fondant using a pizza cutter leaving some extra fondant on the sides of the ball.


-Finish off the ball with your own hands.( people won't be able to see that part because that's where you are going to attach the ball to the cake board)
-Set the finished balls aside and let them dry for 2 days before piping the details of the baseball ball with red royal icing or the color of your choice.


Well, I hope this little tutorial can help you in any way with some of your cake projects.


Anonymous said...

I love this tutorial. I have made the modeling chocolate a little different I think so thanks for the tips.Kim@ www.acreativespirit.com


Muchas gracias por el tutorial,lo probare.

Linda Vandermeer McCubbin said...

Those rice krispie baseballs are so neat, thanks for sharing your tips.

Sue said...

You made the balls so smooth and round. I don't think I could do that. Good job!

Unknown said...

You are just so talented!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing, i am looking to make a head from RCT and i never did it before. how will that stick to wooden stick? can you help, please?

Unknown said...

Eating is really one of my hobby i mean part of my life and cooking is my passion. I also love going to a place and at the same time taste their delicious and most wanted food.I want to taste something that is new to my palate. Thanks for sharing your article with us.



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