Monday, September 24, 2012

Slimy Green Ghost Cookies-20+Ways to use a Pumpkin Cutter

I am super excited to be part of this awesome project that Callye  put together. Even more excited because I get to know more talented bloggers and learn from all of them.

See, when I get this type of invitation I usually reply with a
"Hi, I just got this email from you. Did you really mean to sent it? If not, is ok, just let me know."
Then, I would cross my fingers, legs and even toes waiting for the reply.

Any way, what about 20 + ways to use a pumpkin cutter? When you scroll down and see the amazing creations and yummy treats these talented bakers and decorators did, you will see the a pumpkin cutter is really not mean just for pumpkin cookies.

Let's see how I made my Slimy Green Ghost Cookie ( this cutter is kind of big and it came in a Wilton Halloween kit.) 

Once upon a time, I said/thought that using a Kopykake was/is cheating. Well, that is until I got my beloved Marco ( aka KK), I am proud to say that I put it together all by myself, which for me, is quite the accomplishment. And what can I say? I have a new love, I feel like in a honeymoon since I got it, and I wish I had the time and type of projects where I can use it as often as possible.
But just because you have a Kopykake don't think your cookies are going to be decorated on it's own.

 I decided, since this was my first time using the KK, to use a black edible marker and traced the cookie first.

Then, I use a tip #1 and stiff icing to outline the cookie. I let it dry for a few hours.

I flooded the inside of the ghost with green royal icing.

Then, I added the brown for the inside of the mouth. I let the cookie dry overnight.

I brushed the not decorated part of the cookie with a little piping gel and added sanding sugar.

I used white fondant to make the teeth and eyes. For the tongue I used pink fondant and one of my gumpaste tools to make the middle indentation.
And that's it, my Slimy Green Ghost was done.

Now, just look at all the cookie designs and baking goods you can make using a pumpkin cutter.

Here is the list of all the talented bloggers who where part of this project,
stop by their blogs and check them out!.


Unknown said...

I love this guy! He's super sweet and I love my KK too!

Jenniffer said...

Your Slimer ghost is just too cute Kathia! I always like seeing the in process shots of how you make your cookies. My cookies just never turn out cute at all!

Anonymous said...

Haha - this one is right up my alley! Love it :)

Unknown said...

Such a funky fun cookie. (And I love my KK too.) It was fun doing this pumpkin cookie project with you. :) ♥

Unknown said...

This little guy made me giggle! He reminds me of the ghost from the movie Ghost Busters! Using the piping gel and sanding sugar was such a cleaver idea! Love him!!

Unknown said...

Well HOW CLEVER you are!! These crack me up - I consider these cookies a near self portrait of myself (especially first thing in the am, before the java kicks in.....) SO NEAT!

Sue said...

Your green ghost made me laugh! You did such a great job, Kathia! I love the fondant details.

The Partiologist said...

So much work and it turned out so cute - brought a smile to my face! :)

Karma said...

Me encanta!! Qué simpático te ha quedado! Qué útil el kopykake.. Pero aquí en España creo que todavía no se comercializa :(
Gracias x los enlaces, echaré un vistazo!
Un abrazo

Anonymous said...

This guy is CUTE!! Great job!! My favorite part is that you put sanding sugar on the rest of the cookie! Its SUCH a cool look!

the decorated cookie said...

Coolest, creepiest, coolest ever! Love love love this dude. (Dudette?)

Melissa said...

your green slime cookie cracks me up! :-)

Al Dulce Sabor said...

super bella Como todo lo q decora

Glory said...

So fun and creative! Great tutorial too!

m said...

Fantastic cookie! I just love it!

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