Friday, September 14, 2012

Tea Pot Cookies-Using Luster Dust and Fondant Mini Roses

Like most of you I am ready for fall and so ready to start the Halloween baking/decorating season.But before moving into spooky treats I couldn't pass the opportunity to share with you these tea cookies that I made for The Cookie Cutter Company Website. Very simple and clean looking and they were so well receive by a dear friend of mine.

Little fondant roses and silver luster dust is what take these cookies to the next level and make them so elegant, perfect for a tea party or any special occasion.

To make this cookies you will need:

-royal icing in bright white ,

-fondant ( color of your choice)
-pastry bag, couplers, tip #1 and #2
-small fine brush
-edible silver luster dust and lemon extract (you can find it at bakery supply stores and online)

Outline and flood the cookies and let them dry overnight.

Now, design your cookies in different patterns.
I always recommend planning ahead what kind of design you are going to be making in each cookie to avoid any mistakes.Also,the type of icing consistency is very important, stiff royal icing is the best for these types of designs.

I did random designs using tip #1 and tip #2.  

After you have piped all the cookies, let them dry for at least 4 hours or overnight. I bake and decorate my cookies at night after I put my girls to sleep, so most of the time I let my cookies dry overnight .

Using luster dust to paint your cookies:

Mix a small amount of silver luster dust and lemon extract (a little goes a long way) and mix it with the brush, if you do not have lemon extract at home you can use vodka ( mmm for some reason I am assuming you have vodka at home).
Very carefully start painting the design of the cookies, I started painting the inside and then I moved to the outlines of the cookie.

The shimmer dust dries pretty fast. You know that my night time picture skills are not the best,it is hard to tell in the pic, but the silver is very metallic and looks great.

Mini ribbon roses:

a-Roll the fondant out with a rolling pin
b-Using a pizza cutter cut thin stripes

c,d-Take one end of the folded stripe and fold down to form a center
e-Continue rolling until you get the size that you want

f-When you have reached the size you want, bring the end down, pinch it and cut it.

g-Leave the roses to dry or use them right away. I dusted my roses with pear luster dust.

Attach the roses to the cookies with royal icing or piping gel.

Happy Friday and thank you for stopping by.

PS:This is a sponsored blog by The Cookie Cutter Company


faithy said...

These cookies are so delicate and pretty looking!

Anonymous said...

The tiny roses and the lustre dust really add a delicate and elegant touch to these cookies!

Colleen said...

Very Pretty!

Sue said...

Lovely cookies, Kathia!

Casey's Sweet Creations said...

So pretty and elegant!!

SweetThingsTO said...

How lovely!

Unknown said...

Beautiful. Can you make these ahead and store them somehow? If so, How far ahead?

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