Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby at the end of the Rainbow Cake- Virtual Baby Shower for The Decorated Cookie

Our super adorable and talented blogger friend Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie blog had a baby girl last week. I was invited, along with other bloggers to her Virtual Baby Shower. Michelle from Sugar Swings! Serve Some Blog put it all together and the results of what every one made are just too much to put in words. The theme for the Shower was Rainbows because Meaghan loves them.

I decided to bring cake , totally expected!. Cake, sprinkles, pearls and a baby.

 Here is a little pictorial in how I made the clouds.

The rainbow is handmade rolling the fondant between my fingers. If you have a clay gun you can use it, I was a little too lazy. The clouds are attached to the rainbow with a dab of water.
I used royal icing to attach the topper to the cake. 

I made the blanket with white fondant, which I rolled very thin.

I used my stitching tool and some stamps to add some dimension to it.

The baby turned out as I expected.
 I tried to mimic the little hat babies get at the hospital when they are born
 I used food writer pens for the hat.

Meaghan, congratulations!!!!
your baby is adorable!

Now go and check every one's post, there is plenty of talent to see and amazing rainbow ideas that can be use to other parties.

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Unknown said...

Kathia! This is so adorable. I actually like the look of the rainbow done without the clay gun, and the little baby is so cute.
Thank you so much for making the collage, too.

Sugar Swings said...

awesome Kathia!!! neat how you did the clouds. Thanks so much for taking the time with the pic too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you made the clouds!!! What a fun effect :)

Jill @ said...

Those clouds are your cake!

Melissa said...

Just precious as always! I love your cakes.

Sue said...

Kathia, I'm in love with your cake! The rainbow is so vivid and the little beanie on the baby is such a perfect touch! So creative the way you made the dimension in the clouds:) THANKS so much for your awesome job on the collage!!!

Michelle | Creative Food said...

WOW! This cake is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you put the baby at the end of the rainbow! So sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Every detail in this cake is perfect. From the vivid pink(love)to the fluffy clouds and the teeny striped beanie on the little baby! Meaghan is going to be blown away! Love it Kathia. ~ Paula

the decorated cookie said...

Oh My gosh, this is all SO incredible!!! Thank you all so hugely, as if thank you can cover my appreciation at all. I wish I was in the room with you having cake so I could give you a huge thank you hug! :) You just made my and Violet's day.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

What a gorgeous cake! It's a work of art. :)

Medeja- CranberryJam said...

Looks stunning!

HoosierHomemade said...

What a beautiful cake! It was great being in the Virtual Baby Shower with you!

MissCandiquik said...

Gorgeous!! Love how you created the clouds!

Unknown said...

This is a pretty cute idea for a cake on this theme. What an amazing collection of rainbow treats - just what we need these days in my opinion. Sorry for the delay to leave a comment, my computer needed a good DEBUGGING! Hope you have a great week and so glad to be a part of this collection.

Unknown said...

This is adorable! I love it! I love how you made the clouds. I was so happy to have been a part of the shower!

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