Friday, July 26, 2013

Serving Fork, Spoon and Knife Set- Decorated Cookies

It's is Friday!! and I am off from my office job today.I will be having some good quality time with my kids, indoor bouncy gym, Mall and a light lunch in Cami's favorite restaurant(PF Chang) are included in our day.

The weather in Central Jersey has been, let's say... not so friendly. Hot and very humid and yesterday kind of cold. We are taking advantage of this Summer as much as we can, in over a month I will be the mom of a 1st Grader and getting into the run around like a chicken life of working moms.

Any way, what about some fun an unexpected cookie set for you today.

 yes, I did a serving piece set of a fork, spoon and knife cookies. I even put glitter on them -AKA disco dust and I love how they turn out.

I recently added to my never ending cookie cutter collection these news fork, spoon and knife cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Company. The are 6", such a big size, love them.

What to make these cookies? this is what you will need:

.Bright white, sky blue and green Americolor royal icing
.Leaf tip
.Tip #1 and #2
.Gold Disco dust
.Pastry bags, squeeze bottles and couplers
.Gold disco dust
.Fork cookie cutter
.Knife cookie cutter
.Spoon cookie cutter

Outline and flood the cookies and let the cookies dry completely overnight.

Using a tip #2 pipe dots on the cookies and sprinkle the disco dust. Let it set for a couple of minutes and shake of the excess
Disco dust tends to stick everywhere in the cookie, use a small paintbrush to brush it away.

To make the little "flowers", pipe little swirls around the dots, you can overlap them, as shown in the picture and make as many "petals" as you want. A small tip #1 or #1.5 will be the best for the petals, as well as piping icing with a good consistency. I did have a little issue with my own icing as I realize it wasn't stiff enough for the petals.

Let the flowers set for a bit and pipe the leaves.

Then you have it, you just made a fun set of Serving Pieces Cookies

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend.


Sue said...

I need those cutters! Such cute cookies! Have fun with your girls today!

Jenniffer said...

These are SO cute! I love the "punch" that the disco dust adds to the cookies!

SweetThingsTO said...

Hope you had a great weekend with your family! Cute cookies!

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