Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Inspiration-Chritsmas Tree Cookies

My house is finally clean after the last couple of days of full baking. I even was brave enough and went to the Mall yesterday, with both girls, and my husband. I didn't shop for ourselves, but for someone else, and what can I say? I have no talent to shop for other people, I can't seem to find anything. 
Do you have that problem? 
 I know, gift cards are an option, but I find them so impersonal. Well, after 2 hours around the Mall while the kids were picking up germs at the Mall's playground and my husband was watching them  playing with his phone, I was able to pick a gift and a gift card of course. So hard to buy something for someone you don't really know. 
Any way, I finished wrapping the girls Christmas presents this morning...I used the bathroom to wrap the last one, by the time my oldest was up I only had one left, which I had to hid in a paper bag. 
I hope you were more organized than me, definitely I am not winning best Mom award for that. 

 ok, let's talk cookies.

 I wanted to share this little ones days ago, but everything else came in between and  never had time to post them on time for you to make them. Maybe next Christmas :)I wanted to share them any way because they are easy to make, little and cute.

I got the tree cutters at Walmart, the round one I had it.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this cookies, simple white royal icing and red polka dots bring these trees to life. Have a little patience when flooding the cookies, waiting for the top and bottom to dry before icing the middle tier of the tree. Use a squeeze bottle to drop dots of red icing while the white icing is still wet.
Let the cookies dry a good 6 hours before attaching them to the bottom of the "stand" . I used light brown fondant for the tree trunk, I was lazy and didn't want to color more icing. If you do not have the green veining tool to mark the trunk, use a tooth pick, it will do pretty much the same job.

I loved using and eating dry coconut for the snow effect.
 I think these cookies will look so cute line in a row in a long platter 
and use as a center piece at a holiday table.

Another variation for a tree, white and peaceful. 
Have a wonderful Christmas!!


Unknown said...

Kathia these are so precious. I love them. Merry Christmas.

Mari Nuñez said...

Kathia, they look adorable! I love the idea.

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