Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Frozen Theme Cake

It is not a secret that Disney is squeezing the life out of the movie Frozen. For Halloween I lost count of all the Elsas that came trick or treating. Every where you go, Frozen is there, even in water bottles!!

At home I didn't scape the Frozen fever and my girls jumped in the same wagon as all the girls out there. Cami loves Elsa and Em loves Anna.

Em was actually a cute Anna for Halloween thanks to that adorable cape a blogger friend of mine made.

Any way, I made this Frozen theme cake for a little girl's birthday party. The toys were provided by my client, and I used special snowflake cutters to add more movement and details to the cake.

 Elsa look pretty sassy on top of the cake!!!

Do you have any Frozen fans at home?


Jenniffer said...

YEs, I have a niece that LOVES Frozen! Frozen cakes are everywhere, but I really like yours. And Em made such a cute Anna! She is growing SO fast!!

Unknown said...

Nice..Frozen Cake !!
Very Helpful to many people.


Anjali Roy said...

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