Friday, December 5, 2008


I am almost like any other regular mom out there.Almost...
I work full time, I am a proud mom to two beautiful little girls, I hate cooking and one of my passions is baking.
I have big dreams, one of them is moving back to Costa Rica and opening a Cake Studio where I can create beautiful and tasty treats.
Another dream is for the day to have 30 hours instead of 24, so I could accomplish more! but I know that's not going to happen

Baking has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl,I love sugar, Nutella and good buttercream. Over the past few years I have cracked countless eggs most of them at night because that's when I bake or make decorations for my cakes.
I have this little blog to share with you what I make and what I have learned in pastry or cake decorating classes. I am that popular,you may not find fancy videos, perfect pictures and daily post. But I am sure you can find something to inspire you, a cute cake or cookie to bake for your kids, friends or family.

Thank you so much for taking time of your busy day and visiting me. I love positive comments and feedback.
Have a question for me or just want to say hi?
I would love to hear from you, feel free to email me at


cookies and cups said...

you're funny! People really do email with grammar corrections...and other things too:
I got an email a little while back telling me that there are not 6 points on a snowflake, but rather 8. So my cupcakes are wrong...
just sayin ;)

Pink Little Cake said...

Cookies and Cups: I love your comment. Yes, I get emails because of my grammar,as you might know by now English is not my first lenguaje. Well, I just make fun of myself.I would eat your cupcakes even if they have 4 snowflakes points, who cares? as long as they are good!

the shoppe owner said...

kathia, what is your cultural background? do you mind sharing? I love your name!

pantera said...

hollllllla me encanta ese pastel rosado esta presioso ,bueno me imajino que despues de dias sin dormir bien...

sarah said...

hi kathia... ur cakes r fab!!!! i started making cakes in december but iv never had any classes or anything and i strugle to get my rolled fondant icing to sit as perfectly smooth and flat as you do. I dont sell the..just for fun. are there any tips at how you make your boxes and line so straight when using fondant? :)

Al Dulce Sabor said...

que buena idea de los 28 dias estan bien padrisimas tosas las galletas cupcakes todos los dias paso chequiando y me encanta felisidades esta buenisimo

Raychel said...

I love your blog Kathia! You are so talented and the blogs new look is wonderful :)


Sandra Gibson said...

Hi, I love your blog and everything you do, I also would love to go and get something at your business, I live in jersey too, so if you leave me your business address I will go there to get some sweet things for me, family and friends. Thanks for sharing with us, congratulations!!! Sandra

Rose | said...

I love this! xo

Unknown said...

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